The Design and Efficacy of STEM and Engineering School Models in the Los Angeles, California Area

Conference: The European Conference on Education (ECE2021)
Title: The Design and Efficacy of STEM and Engineering School Models in the Los Angeles, California Area
Stream: Curriculum Design & Development
Presentation Type: Virtual Presentation
Julie Smith, Independent Consultant and Scholar, United States


California is famous for being the home of leading tech innovators such as Space-X, Tesla, Apple Computer, Facebook, Ebay and many others. But what are California schools doing to create a workforce capable of working in those “Tech” jobs? This presentation covers the curriculum models most likely to create students who seek engineering and science career paths upon graduation from secondary school mostly in the Los Angeles, California area. Educational STEM programs which focus on preparing multi-ethnic, inner-city and even recent immigrant youth for the jobs of the future will be especially featured. Data will be provided showing what works and what has been less successful in meeting the goal of such students being career and university ready. For instance, in some schools, coding education is mandatory starting at the middle level. In others, actual engineers design the curriculum, working with teachers. In yet others, students attend charter STEM magnet schools taught by regular classroom teachers. In one high school model example, students participate in robotics education and teams, in which they are assigned to a four person team at the beginning of their high school experience and they stay with them for all four years. Graduates from this program have been so skilled that local tech and aerospace companies hire them directly, allowing them to even bypass university education. Other programs have seen few students still interested in tech or engineering careers upon completion. This presentation will focus on what, how and why that is.

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