Peer to Peer Learning Model

Conference: The IAFOR International Conference on Education in Hawaii (IICE2022)
Title: Peer to Peer Learning Model
Stream: Assessment Theories & Methodologies
Presentation Type: Virtual Presentation
Sidra Rafique, Abu Dhabi University, United Arab Emirates
Smitha Dev, Abu Dhabi University, United Arab Emirates


Peer to Peer Learning Model Introduction Learning from one another is a characteristic of all courses at all levels, not just informal learning. Students have conversations about what they are learning inside and outside of the classroom, whether teachers are aware of it or not. The first approach when stuck a problem is to ask the fellow student not the teacher. It helps benefit from each other’s useful experiences and makes learning enjoyable and less burdensome. The power of peer-to-peer learning is evident daily (Boud, Cohen & Sapson 2013) in popular cultures as demonstrated by books and films. The report is based on the direct experience of the peer-to-peer model applied through discussion posts and written assignments where students will comment on each other’s work and provide feedback in the classroom and analyze its effects. Although the focus is on higher education, the themes apply to a broader audience. The research will analyze the challenges faced by teachers and students; during the implementation of Peer-to-Peer learning, in the classroom environment and will provide recommendations for those challenges in the adoption of the P2P scheme model in traditional classroom settings.

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