Teaching as Job or Altruism? Relationship of Teacher’s Motivation and Engagement–Based on Taiwan TALIS 2018

Conference: The Asian Conference on Psychology & the Behavioral Sciences (ACP2022)
Title: Teaching as Job or Altruism? Relationship of Teacher’s Motivation and Engagement–Based on Taiwan TALIS 2018
Stream: Psychology and Education
Presentation Type: Live-Stream Presentation
Lienchun Lin, National Chengchi University, Taiwan
Guang-duo Wang, National Cheng-chi University, Taiwan
Shu-jing Huang, National Cheng-chi University, Taiwan


Purpose: In Taiwan, teachers in schools with indefinite-term contracts tend to stay in the same position until retirement to enjoy the stability and the great welfare system they may enjoy during their life-long tenure. Therefore, many people want to take a job as a teacher for the attractive conditions that come with such a position, instead of teaching students. This study considers that a teacher's motivation and mindset may reflect on a teacher’s attitude, career choice, or philosophy about teaching, which are the core factors that affect his/her teaching performance. In other words, whether a teacher’s teaching motivation is for making living or improving society through education may bring significant differences. When a teacher's goal is to guide the youths and help those in need, he/she will be more engaged in additional teaching relating tasks, such as counseling with students and their parents. By contrast, a teacher who takes the job to enjoy a stable salary and working hours tend to be more reluctant in engaging in additional tasks. This study intends to show the relations between teachers' motivations and the level of their engagement as mentioned above.

Method: Based on the data collected by TALIS 2018, this study analyzed 6051 elementary school teachers from Taiwan, including their altruism motivation, inducement motivation, engagement, and other theory-related variables.

Result: Altruism motivation is positively related to additional teaching relating tasks. Inducement motivation is negatively related to additional teaching relating tasks. Further analysis indicates altruism motivation is significantly related to work stress and OCB, while both altruism and inducement motivations are not related to administrative works and school management.

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