New Models of Representing Reality in Digital Journalism: The Case of Newsgames

Conference: The European Conference on Media, Communication & Film (EuroMedia2022)
Title: New Models of Representing Reality in Digital Journalism: The Case of Newsgames
Stream: Journalism
Presentation Type: Virtual Presentation
Luca Serafini, Lumsa University of Rome, Italy
Rebeca Andreina Papa, University of Molise, Italy


In this paper we analyse a new model of journalistic reporting that aims to overcome the traditional dichotomy between the normative paradigm – centred on a narrative that is as neutral as possible, detached, and uncontaminated by subjective evaluations – and the increasingly emotional and interpretative journalism that has taken shape with the rise of digital technologies. Today, the affordances that guide the uses of digital platforms promote new mechanisms of collective consumption of information, within specific 'modes of feeling', and new forms of sociality built largely by algorithmic logic. Moreover, the emotional nature of social media leads to an increasing disengagement with the problem of journalistic credibility, from a rational approach, starting with a reversal in the relationship between understanding and emotionality (Davies 2018). This does not imply, however, that the media representation of reality should be reduced to a postmodernist type of perspectivism, in which there are no longer parameters to establish what is objective. Instead, we propose a new model of "objectivity of empathy" based on Micheal Schudson's concept of ‘objectivity 3.0’: this model seeks to merge the emotional involvement of the audience with an accurate and precise account of the facts. The model is particularly suitable for analysing the journalistic account of reality carried out through immersive and interactive digital technologies. In this context, we will analyse some case studies that fit into the model of "objectivity 3.0", such as the newsgames, i.e. the use of interactive video games and virtual reality in factual journalistic reporting.

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