Invisible Language Acquisition with Toucan: A New Technological Tool

Conference: The European Conference on Language Learning (ECLL2022)
Title: Invisible Language Acquisition with Toucan: A New Technological Tool
Stream: Educational Technologies
Presentation Type: Virtual Presentation
Nooshan Ashtari, Toucan Technologies, United States
Nathan Moorman, Toucan Technologies, United States


Globalization and computerization along with the limitations caused by the current pandemic have all moved us towards having more online presence. From online shopping to online learning, all aspects of our lives have been impacted by technology including how we learn and use languages. The goal of this presentation is to discuss various aspects of Toucan (, a new technological tool that helps people acquire new languages while browsing the internet. Each time language learners visit a web page, Toucan automatically translates certain words in the language that they are trying to learn, thus increasing the level of i+1 input that they receive in their target language (Ashtari & Krashen, 2020). Mason and Krashen (2017) also highlight the importance of the acquirers selecting their own reading materials and being in charge of their own time and exposure to the language as one of the keys to more successful language acquisition. This invisible language acquisition technique allows the users to choose and browse their desired pages that they would normally read while going about their daily activities without any extra burden or added time of focusing on language learning materials or readings assigned by someone else. Moreover, as readers select their own reading materials on their own time, they will also feel more comfortable and have a lower affective filter (Krashen, 2013; McQuillan, 2020). In this presentation, we will dive deeper into the research behind Toucan and how this tool has helped hundreds of thousands of language acquirers worldwide.

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