Using Social Media as a Learning Tool: An Update to Bloom’s Taxonomy

Conference: The European Conference on Education (ECE2022)
Title: Using Social Media as a Learning Tool: An Update to Bloom’s Taxonomy
Stream: Design, Implementation & Assessment of Innovative Technologies in Education
Presentation Type: Oral Presentation
Mehmet Demir, University of Birmingham, United Kingdom


The use of social media in the classroom is a key opportunity to increase learners' engagement, motivation, and promote their learning providing students with various learning pathways. Herein, intentionally integrating social media may be beneficial to a range of courses from theory to regional studies. However, this process requires creating a specific framework to demonstrate how social media can be used as a tool in the learning process according to educational objectives. This study aims to explore a standardized mechanism to familiarize educators with how to activate social media platforms effectively as a learning tool; to help them understand how the platforms can be employed in the subjects they teach; and how to unify social media resources with the learning environment. With a view to supporting these outcomes, I developed a social media taxonomy based on Bloom’s taxonomy to find an innovative and a sustainable way to transform teaching and learning considering the needs of today’s generations. This taxonomy focuses on three dimensions named as Consciousness, Cognition, and Creativity [3C], and each dimension consists of its categories in the metacognitive domain: Consciousness [viewing], Cognition [posting, interacting, and analyzing], Creativity [assessing, and displaying]. The categories symbolize instructional objectives hierarchically ranging from lower-order thinking skills to higher-order thinking skills. The taxonomy will provide a wide range of opportunities for students to have a level of readiness before participating in the learning process; to play a dynamic role in shaping a content of the learning, and an outlook on creating a new outcome.

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