Reviewer Guide

Reviewer Guide & FAQ

Why have I been assigned this abstract?

We consider you qualified to assess the abstract based on the information we have received from you. You may be the author of an abstract accepted for presentation at an IAFOR conference, or a volunteer who has provided us with these details.

How do I review an abstract?

  1. Log into the review system using your email address and the password you chose when you registered. If there is an abstract available to review it will appear on your log-in menu. Select this abstract to start. Once the review form is open, the system allows you 45 minutes to complete the review.
  2. Please take the time to read the abstract slowly, as many times as you need, paying attention to academic rigour, clarity, concision, interest, relevance to the conference, precision, etc., in the light of the five assessment categories listed above and the assessment criteria listed below.
  3. After reading the abstract, decide on the grade you would like to assign and enter this into the review form, along with your comments and recommendations. Please ensure that any comments are phrased respectfully.
  4. Click "Submit" to submit your review.

How long do I have to review an abstract?

Once you have selected an abstract to review you will have 45 minutes to complete the review.

How can I decline to review an abstract?

We aim to assign abstracts based on areas of expertise. If you do not feel you are an appropriate reviewer for the abstract click "Return to the main menu without saving" to select a different abstract.

How can I declare a conflict of interest?

If you do not feel comfortable assessing the abstract – for example, if you suspect based on the topic that the author may be known to you personally – please click "Return to the main menu without saving" to select a different abstract.

Am I required to leave comments?

Yes – entering comments is a required part of the review process. Comments must be a minimum of 30 characters in length. The primary job of the reviewer is to give a simple appraisal of the work in accordance with the grading categories. Reviewers ​are asked to provide constructive criticism​ when commenting on submissions (up to 250 words)​.

Will my comments be passed on to the author(s)?

Reviewer comments are not automatically passed on to the author. If an abstract is rejected the author does not receive details of why, as this can result in lengthy and unproductive correspondence. In some cases, authors may need their scores and comments in order to secure funding from their institutions, in which case comments may be passed on. However, the reviewer will always remain anonymous, and personal details will never be passed on.

Can I contact the author directly?

Please do not enter into direct correspondence with the author of a submitted abstract or otherwise reveal your identity to the author under any circumstances. This minimises potential for possible conflict.