Access to Shakespeare

Conference: The European Conference on Arts & Humanities (ECAH2020)
Title: Access to Shakespeare
Stream: Arts - Teaching and Learning the Arts
Presentation Type: Virtual Presentation
Lori Lucas, University of Colorado-Boulder, United States


Whether you are teaching Shakespeare to students ages nine or ninety, the question arises as to what approach to use--how to attack the play, how to make inroads, and how to make the Bard enjoyable and accessible. Do you explain the plot or lecture on language or contemplate the cast of characters? What to include and what to omit? After many years of teaching Shakespeare to students of all ages I have come up with a method, using the first 3 scenes of Macbeth (with special emphasis on the very brief Act one, scene one) to introduce and elucidate. In this workshop presentation I will demonstrate this method in the hope of encouraging others to implement it or a similar approach.

Virtual Presentation