Digital Portfolio through ClassDojo

Conference: The European Conference on Language Learning (ECLL2020)
Title: Digital Portfolio through ClassDojo
Stream: Educational Technologies
Presentation Type: Live-Stream Presentation
Banani Roy Chowdhury, Institute of Applied Technology, United Arab Emirates


Digital portfolio through ClassDojo assists students to upload photos, videos, journal entries, and share their work with the parents and teachers. It helps young learners demonstrate their talent and creativity. Teachers use it to assign projects directly to students’ devices to which they respond. The point system in ClassDojo encourages learners to update their academic activities on time. Parents can view their child’s progress and leave positive comments.

ClassDojo is usually used by primary and middle school teachers, but this presentation will show how the ClassDojo portfolio aids in enhancing ‘High School’ students’ imagination and help them be more resourceful. It will also show examples of various classrooms, class stories, and students’ work and how secondary students create their collection and share their learning experience with the community (parents and teachers). The presenter will also explain how class dojo enables teachers to track attendance and record students’ behavior, to communicate with parents. Participants will see how the ClassDojo portfolio helps in developing student creativity and self-confidence and how this educational technology communication app (and website) contributes to positive classroom culture.