Literary Reception and Translation of Cantonese Opera From the Pedagogical Perspective

Conference: The Kyoto Conference on Arts, Media & Culture (KAMC2021)
Title: Literary Reception and Translation of Cantonese Opera From the Pedagogical Perspective
Stream: Literature, Literary Studies and Theory
Presentation Type: Virtual Presentation
Kar Yue Chan, Hong Kong Metropolitan University, Hong Kong


Cantonese opera has been a treasurable art in Hong Kong. Several attempts were made to translate the opera scripts into English, but despite this exercise to make the genre globalized, the effect of Cantonese opera has been gradually fading away as young audience nowadays are psychologically fended off by the way of presenting ideas in the traditional Chinese language, not to mention the strictly arranged rhetorical features and cultural allusions. There is an urging priority to preserve the heritage of Cantonese opera to, not only the people already in the trade, but also those not familiar with the refined structures and the treasurable embedded literary elements in Cantonese opera. Research on the art should not be limited to the practical level, rather, an academic level; second, the Chinese language, rather, the English language so that it could be widely appreciated; third, the industrial people, rather, the youngsters, the students as pedagogical concern contributes significantly to the preservation and development of Cantonese opera into other art forms. This paper is to measure the degree of literary reception of the receptors when they are put to understand and analyze the operatic texts, and translating these specific texts into English. Thus the receptors will be, from the pedagogical perspective, able to learn the specific Chinese literary usages in the opera setting, and help preserve and spread the opera heritage not only in local communities, but also to the Western world, which move brings together a merge of Chinese and Western cultures.

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