Contextualizing Polish Radio Art: The Case of Polish Radio Experimental Studio

Conference: The Asian Conference on Media, Communication & Film (MediAsia2021)
Title: Contextualizing Polish Radio Art: The Case of Polish Radio Experimental Studio
Stream: Media History
Presentation Type: Virtual Presentation
Natalia Kowalska-Elkader, University of Lodz, Poland


My research focuses on the feature/artistic radio documentary, radio experiment as a separate genre of radio art, and experimental radio narratives especially based on real events. The genealogical autonomy of the radio experiment is the thesis of my research. The main aim of this presentation is to describe the nature of radio art in Polish Radio Experimental Studio (PRES, 1957-2004) based on the programs archived in the Polish Radio Archive in the context of international radio art studies.
In this presentation, radio art will be crucial for me, especially works by sound director and composer Eugeniusz Rudnik, the author of both electroacoustic music and radio pieces such as documentary ballads, radio dramas, and radio experiments. All of them can be described as innovative, often mosaic-like works in which words and sounds are decomposed to build new meanings. The structure of the works is important to me, as well as documentary elements in artistic and experimental works (documents, letters, sound quotations). This issue is related to the ontological status of the experiment, its narrative, its affiliation with artistic radio genres, forms of expression, language, and the performativity of the work. I intend to analyse those components, reconstruct and interpret the phonic symbols hidden within their works. I have chosen the genealogical approach as my research methodology combined with structural and comparative analysis. The analysed material is both contemporary radio artists and radio art pioneers.

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Irina Stanova
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