Language as the Foundation of Dasein

Conference: The Asian Conference on Language (ACL2022)
Title: Language as the Foundation of Dasein
Stream: Language and Psychology
Presentation Type: Virtual Presentation
Filip Świerczyński, University of Warsaw, Poland


The purpose of this lecture is to examine the interrelationships between language and the self-awareness of being in relation to its existence—the Heideggerian Dasein—using conceptual instruments developed by modern linguistics, neurobiology, evolutionary psychology, anthropology, and philosophy. The starting point for proper consideration is a brief presentation of the current state of research on the evolutionary development of human self-awareness and language as a phenomenon. The author examines the types of hypothetical para-consciousness in selected animal species. The proper course of consideration is based on demonstrating a close relationship between the potential or ability to use language as an advanced system of signs and the evolutionary development of self-awareness, understood as recognizing one’s own existence "in" and "in relation to" the world—Dasein. The ultimate goal of the lecture is to draw attention to the ability to understand advanced language systems and use them as a prerequisite for going beyond the sphere of para-consciousness, which should find its application, inter alia, in the development of artificial general intelligence.

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