ESL Functions, Purposes, & Didactic Implications: A Grounded Theory on Codeswitching Linguistic Phenomenon

Conference: The Asian Conference on Language (ACL2022)
Title: ESL Functions, Purposes, & Didactic Implications: A Grounded Theory on Codeswitching Linguistic Phenomenon
Stream: Language Learning and Teaching
Presentation Type: Virtual Presentation
Michael Estremera, Sorsogon State University, Philippines
Sherill Asis-Gilbas, Sorsogon State University, Philippines


This article fittingly considered the descriptive-correlational method of research to delineate written and oral code-switching prevalence in discourse of 80% purposively selected participants considering ESL context. The main instrument employed by the researchers was the transcribed/recorded oral recitation of the respondents and the written essays. The data gathering commenced October 8 to 12, 2018 two weeks prior to second quarter examinations. The quantitative and textual analyses redound to the formation philosophical data on constructive aspects associated to codeswitching occurrence in ESL classroom despite its adverse impression in the context of pedagogy. This paper predominantly explores code-switching from L1 to L2 in a multifaceted milieu as it has hidden purposes and functions along the channels of communication. For instance, codeswitching for description and clarification (For me, ang mga hayop ay "mahalaga" sa environment uhhhm,… because they give food to eat [ see Extract 1]). After careful scrutiny, the study emphasizes that the accentuated linguistic prevalence should uncover its positive aspects for communicative competence sake. The paramount goal must always be the understanding of text and glitches along the channels of communication must have been deemed secondary. This practice has functions and purposes in the context of interlocutors of the language itself. They do such for clarity, emphasis, emotion expression, and equivalence for the most part. The role of the L2 teachers counts a lot to bring the students to a high level of communicative competence by exploiting L1 as a bridge to tread the ladder of L2 fluency progressively.

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