Effects of Activating Mating Mindsets on Different Types of Luxury Consumption

Conference: The Asian Conference on the Social Sciences (ACSS2022)
Title: Effects of Activating Mating Mindsets on Different Types of Luxury Consumption
Stream: Economics and Management
Presentation Type: Live-Stream Presentation
Hsuan-Yi Chou, National Sun Yat-sen University, Taiwan
Ting-Hsuan Chen, National Sun Yat-sen University, Taiwan
Chin-Fu Chang, National Kaohsiung University of Science and Technology, Taiwan


Luxury marketing mostly relies on advertising. The advertising style is often simple and honorable, and usually employs celebrity endorsements. However, luxury brands should also consider consumer psychology to stimulate purchase desire. Previous studies have focused on how consumers use luxury goods as a strategy to increase prestige. However, few studies have examined other motives that may also drive consumers to purchase luxury goods. This research starts from the perspective of "mating mindsets", examining how activating consumers’ mating mindsets affects different types of luxury consumption. It also uses consumers’ current romantic relationship state as a moderator to explain how mating mindsets affect luxury consumption through different mechanisms. The research results from the two experiments revealed the following important findings: (1) Regardless of consumers’ gender and relationship state, their mating mindsets can be successfully activated. (2) Activating mating mindsets in consumers without a partner in-love increases motivation for self-presentation, thereby increasing conspicuous luxury consumption. (3) Activating mating mindsets in consumers with a partner in-love drives self-control and self-licensing mechanisms, thereby increasing hedonic luxury consumption. (4) A consumer’s gender does not moderate the influence of activating mating mindsets on the internal mechanisms and luxury consumption. This research expands the understanding of mating mindsets effect in the marketing field. Practitioners could use text or pictures in luxury advertisements to activate consumers’ mating mindsets or embed branded products in media situations, evoking mating mindsets, to increase the sales of luxury goods.

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