The Use of Passive Voice by the Armenian Learners

Conference: The European Conference on Education (ECE2022)
Title: The Use of Passive Voice by the Armenian Learners
Stream: Foreign Languages Education & Applied Linguistics (including ESL/TESL/TEFL)
Presentation Type: Live-Stream Presentation
Emma Nemishalyan, French University in Armenia & Yerevan State University, Armenia
Zaruhi Soghomonyan, French University in Armenia, Armenia


The fact whether learners’ first language (L1) has an influence on their second language (L2) acquisition has been a topic of hot discussion for decades. An array of research has been carried out on different grammar issues in the frames of learners’ corpora (Chinese, Spanish, German and many more), which aim at eliciting some usage patterns, the analysis of which can provide a solid ground to analyze the connection between their L1 and L2. Nonetheless, no research has been undertaken on the Armenian learners’ L2 (English) production. Though both Armenian and English are Indo-European languages, the former belongs to an independent branch, which, hypothetically, makes it rather different from English. The aim of this paper is to shed light on the differences and similarities of passives in both languages and to elicit the usage patterns of passive voice by the Armenian learners. With the help of contrastive interlanguage analysis, we have tried to compare passive voice usage frequency by NS (Native Speakers’ corpus under scrutiny is LOCNESS) and Armenian learners (we have compiled Armenian learners’ corpus in accordance to ICLE guidelines). The results of the quantitative analysis have yielded that the Armenian learners tend to underuse the passive in comparison with the NS. Last but not least, with the help of qualitative research method we have tried to delve into the reasons conditioning the Armenian learners’ usage pattern of the passive voice.

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