Art as Resistance and Overcoming Hegemonic Epistemologies for Other Plural Meanings in Human Formation

Conference: The Barcelona Conference on Education (BCE2022)
Title: Art as Resistance and Overcoming Hegemonic Epistemologies for Other Plural Meanings in Human Formation
Stream: Teaching and Learning the Arts
Presentation Type: Live-Stream Presentation
Filipa Lourenço, Universidade Lusófona, Portugal
Manuel Tavares, UNINOVE, Brazil


This study aims to contribute to a decolonial proposal for the formation of the human being, emphasizes the urgency of critical interculturality project that brings together new forms of solidarity, of a decentring thinking and feeling, that designs a decolonial constellation for a configuration of many centres of action in interdependence and in equity, as essential in the learning process of the human being. The analysis intends to review ontological and epistemological foundations that justify a hermeneutic approach in the study (Ricoeur, 1976, 1978); (Portocarrero, 2010); (Tavares, 2018), conducted in the light of a decolonial referential (Walsh, 2020, 2010, 2006); (Anchieta, 2020); (Mignolo, 2001); (Tonial et al., 2020) (Santos, 2010), (Bebiano, 2012), (Quijano, 2000) in the encounter with the dimension of art and its relationship with the individual.
Art, through the language of the sensitive, may lead to both dematerialization of the constructed thought and filters of a cold and hegemonic reason. Art, as a privileged action of the sensitive sphere, indicates in itself the potential for freedom able to convert the current ontological and epistemological paradigms. The study is underpinning under three main axes: a) May the art overcome coloniality as an experience of resistance to the naturalization of subordination?; b) Can human artistic dimension be the way to state the urgency of plural thinking and feeling? and; c) what guidelines in the educational field may be identified having art as a transversal axis in a strategy of diatopical and emancipatory action.

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