Creativity During Covid-19 Pandemic in Singapore: A Case Study via the 4Ps of Creativity

Conference: The Barcelona Conference on Education (BCE2022)
Title: Creativity During Covid-19 Pandemic in Singapore: A Case Study via the 4Ps of Creativity
Stream: Nurturing Creativity & Innovation: New, Innovative & Radical Education
Presentation Type: Oral Presentation
Karen Kar Lin Hor, Singapore University of Social Sciences, Singapore


Using Rhodes’s (1961) 4P of creativity framework, this paper examines how a Singaporean (person) survives through the circuit-breakers or lockdowns (press) using her skills and heritage (process and press) to produce and sell local heritage dishes (products). The "press" here demonstrated that environment could significantly affect one’s career and expertise. Amabile (1983) and Csikszentmihalyi (1988) also supported that environment of a creator plays a significant role in producing a creative product. This Covid-19 Pandemic (negative press) has created several opportunities for people in all walks of life globally.
During the Covid-19 Pandemic, many employees in Singapore lost their jobs in the careers that they were initially prepared for and had to reinvent new careers in another fields. The alternate fields usually arose from one’s hobbies or interest and some may include elements of heritage too. Education should not only prepare one’s academic achievements but also be the catalyst for lifelong learning, allowing us the space to foster creativity in one’s interest albeit in non-academic subjects.
With one’s deliberate practice and interest throughout one’s life, one can be resilient and survive using one’s pro-c of creativity. This paper specifically looks at how a Singaporean unexpectedly uses her cooking skill to modify local dishes learnt since young at home to create a new career for herself and survive an unfavourable environment. Her pro-c creativity as defined by Kaufman and Beghetto (2009) and heritage (social-cultural) have contributed to her resilience in adversity. Her resilience, creativity and heritage are showcased in a local video clip via social media.

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