Using the ‘Candle in the Tomb’ Fandom as an Example and Explain Its Associated Behaviours and Values

Conference: The Barcelona Conference on Arts, Media & Culture (BAMC2022)
Title: Using the ‘Candle in the Tomb’ Fandom as an Example and Explain Its Associated Behaviours and Values
Stream: Film Studies
Presentation Type: Virtual Poster Presentation
Huailei Wen, University of Southampton, United Kingdom


In recent years, IP films and their fans have received increasing attention. Every film adaptation of an IP work has fans' support, which actively spreads information. Fans have created their own discourse space in virtual communities, producing a reasonably close-knit social group, thanks to the development of mobile internet technology and the relative democratisation of information .Candle in the Tomb, One of China's most iconic internet adaptations, has been a massive hit with fans since its release. From the film adaptation to its dissemination, Candle in the Tomb's fan base has contributed significantly, presenting a powerfully productive and creative force. This paper will analyse film fans in three main parts: the generation of film fans, film fans' behaviour, and fans' values. Firstly, by analysing the generation of the film's fans, we can understand how Candle in the Tomb resonates with its fans and its impact on them. Secondly, the analysis of film fan behaviour allows further exploration of how films interact with fans and the significance of film fans' behaviour. Finally, through an analysis of fan values, the relationship between fans and the constructed film text is explored to summarise the deeper meanings between film and fans.

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