A Critical Reading on the Anti-feminism Discourse by “The Online Left Wing” in Bilibili Platform

Conference: The Kyoto Conference on Arts, Media & Culture (KAMC2022)
Title: A Critical Reading on the Anti-feminism Discourse by “The Online Left Wing” in Bilibili Platform
Stream: Gender, Sexuality and Culture
Presentation Type: Live-Stream Presentation
Wenxi Hu, Chinese University of Hong Kong, China


Aside from the fact that misogynistic comments on the bilibili Platform, quite a few scholars have explored in-depth how misogynistic videos are entangled with distorted Marxism discourse. Methodologically, this research follows Fairclough’s (1995) framework of critical discourse analysis of communicative events, which includes three levels of analysis: texts, discourse practices, and sociocultural practices. This research including four parts.The first two parts of this paper focus on the semiotic practices of those videos and identify discursive strategies deployed by them to stigmatize feminism. I build a corpus of public concepts around misogynistic discourse and Marxism discourse through anti-feminist videos and summarize two important strategy, including 1). "horrible feminist": the rhetoric of proletariat male victimization and 2) "productivity as standard": recontextualize marxism to reclaim masculinity. The third part will analyze the relationship between those discursive strategies and platform, to examine the affordances and ideology of knowledge section in Bilibili platform. The fourth part shifts from the semiotic to the social material level. It concentrates on the socio-cultural environment in China and explores how these sociocultural environments enable the ideology of misogyny to circulate and finally shape the gender politics in the Bilibili platform.

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